Saturday, April 24, 2010

Roach Approach

Ok, so here is the deal...I am going to be traveling to Prague at the end of May to do a work shop with some other students. (I know, you feel bad for me. Right?) Well, plane tickets are expensive, as is food, lodging, etc. and I could use to raise a bit of extra money to help alleviate some of that expense. So, I came up with the 'Roach Approach.'

I am selling laser cut, roach jewelry.

$15 necklaces

$10 pins

$10 hair clips

Plus shipping if I can not bring them to you or you cannot pick them up (in Oxford)...but you could save on shipping if you order multiples for your friends and family. I will start shipping in May.

Color Choices:




(They are incredibly delicate, so you have to be careful with them)

Why Roaches? you ask.

Franz Kafka. Franz Kafka was born in Prague and is actually buried there too. So in honor of him and my trip to Prague, I decided on a roach theme for his most famous short story "Metamorphosis".

So, if you would like a fun piece of jewelry and to help me pay for my trip, please contact me on here or at And tell your friends! Please, please, please tell your friends!

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